”Daily neck, back pain, and headaches drove me INSANE, so I gave the Refresh back brace a shot. My posture improved in the first 7 days, and I’ve been pain free for 2 weeks now!” - Harris P., USA

refresh - corrective back brace

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Relieve chronic neck, shoulder, back pain, & headaches, and prevent further injuries by naturally restoring your spine’s healthy curvature.

  • fix hunches, slouching, & neck hump
  • decompress vertebrae & repair herniated discs
  • no more pills with harmful side-effects
  • worldwide shipping
  • premium-quality back care
  • 100% money-back guarantee

refresh - corrective back brace
$39.00 63.0% off

stand tall & pain-free in just 7 days

Years of hard labour, prolonged sitting, and sedentary habits put damaging pressure on our spine, causing our back to bend, our head to subconsciously lean forward, & our shoulders to slouch. Over time, our stiff, overworked muscles & organs are forced to uncomfortably reshape, in an effort to adapt to the harmful, forward position of our neck & spine, leading to daunting tension headaches, sprained muscles, back pain, & sciatica.

Wearing the Refresh brace for just 2-3 hours a day solves the root cause of daily discomfort by gently pulling your shoulders back, and progressively retraining muscles to support your back in the right position.

This helps realign your spine in less than 7 days, releasing your organs from under the pressure of a badly curved torso.

increase height by 2.5" (6.35 cm)

heal your back permanently & prevent further injuries

The imbalance caused by poor posture leads to lack of mobility & potential life-changing injuries.

Regular back braces only target limited parts of your spine (either top or bottom), offering inefficient, short-term support - similar to pain killers & expensive chiropractor sessions.

Refresh supports & straightens your neck & shoulders using the upper straps, and corrects the alignment of your entire spine using targeted compression from the lower set of adjustable straps.

Although your pain will decrease significantly after the first 2 days of wearing Refresh, we recommend continuing the treatment for 2-3 weeks in order to fully rehabilitate your back & restore a healthy, optimal posture.

fix the root cause of sciatica

The excessive pressure suffered by a hunched back over time, causes our vertebrae to collapse & squeeze the spinal discs between them. In turn, those bulge out of place & start pinching the nerves around our spine, such as the sciatic nerve, which sends radiating pain from our lower back, all the way down one of both legs.

Using 2 sets of breathable straps (around the shoulders, and lower back), the Refresh brace gently stretches your spine back into its natural curvature, allowing your vertebrae to decompress naturally. That leaves space for herniated discs to finally retract, releasing the trapped nerves that cause sciatica (and other types of back pain).

goodbye unsightly neck hump

Our body’s natural response to excessive forward posture is to adapt, leading to our muscles & joints becoming stiff & swollen, causing our neck rounds into a painful, unpleasant bulge, also known as a Dowager’s or buffalo hump.

Specifically designed to restore mobility all along the spine, the Refresh brace realigns your cervical vertebrae naturally using gentle traction, thus breaking through the tightness formed inside our neck over the years.

Wearing Acemend’s corrective brace consistently for 2 weeks stretches your neck back into its healthy upright position, and eliminates the unsightly, painful neck hump for good.

designed & recommended by top physiatrists

The newest version of the Refresh corrective back brace has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by chiropractors, physiotherapists, orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and neurosurgeons.

get long-term results for less than 1/5 the cost of a therapy session

no more shortness of breath & bad digestion

Consistent rounded, poor posture forces our organs & muscles to change shape due to pressure, in order to support the weight of our upper body.

As phasic muscles overwork, deeper muscles waste away from lack of use, making poor posture even harder to correct.
The strained muscles between your shoulder blades flatten, causing pain below the neck & around the tailbone.
The diaphragm (the major muscle of respiration) gets pressured, leading to shortness of breath & chest pain.
Long-term postural imbalance causes organs to compress, leading to stomach pain & digestive issues.

Refresh restores the graceful S shape of our spine within the first few days, and relieves the stress poor posture puts on our vertebrae, muscles, joints, and organs.

better sleep. less stress.

Deficient posture pressures your entire muscle system in a compressed position, making it significantly more difficult for your body to find comfort during sleep, leading to achy, tiring mornings.

Wearing Refresh encourages all torso muscles to activate & work together correctly to support your spine, thus conditioning your back to regain its natural S shape that we were born with.

This makes it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position, without letting your spine subconsciously try to curve.

bundle the refresh brace together with our leg pillow for the perfect night's sleep

Wear it anywhere

The Refresh corrective back brace is made of skin-friendly, breathable, stretchy materials that make you forget you’re even wearing it.

With 6 sizes to pick from, the Refresh straps adjust to every body type, in order to provide a comfortable level of compression & support.

Refresh was designed to be lightweight & soft, so you can wear it at home, in the car, at work, or outdoors during walks or bike rides.

can be worn over or under clothes

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